Sponsored (Products vs Brands vs Display) on Amazon

Despite the fact that Amazon is a strict environment where literally millions of products compete for the consumer’s attention, advertising is your ace up the sleeve. Sponsored Ads is the composition of advertising tools with three main key offerings from Amazon: Sponsored (Products vs Brands vs Display). Relax, this guide will feature all the possibilities with explanations as to which one is the best for the intended audience and achieving the goals of advertising.

Sponsored Products

Amazon Advertising is at its core built with the use of Sponsored Products. These ads are place specific and are featured at the top and side of search results and product pages. When it is possible to see your product at the top of the list following the tag of a specific keyword, then that is the potential of Sponsored Products. 

Benefits include:

  • Take control of greater rankings and produce pages, thereby location your product directly before the purchaser.
  • Select a keyword that buyers actively type in the search bar to get your product’s ad in front of the right audience.
  • This is especially useful for giving traffic to your product listing as you only pay when the people click on your ad.

Targeting Options

Sponsored Products offer a variety of ways to target your ideal customers:


Use relevant keyword search terms that the shoppers are likely to enter when looking for similar products as yours.

Product Targeting

Place your ads on the pages that are showcasing relevant or similar products for the consumers and they are already looking for items similar to your advertised products.

Automatic Targeting

In this case, let the web’s biggest retailer do it for you, where your banners will be placed on search terms and product pages.

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Sponsored Brands

As opposed to Sponsored Products which are highly effective while advertising specific products, Sponsored Brands are more extensive by design. As these are informative ad categories, they reveal your brand in totality, thus enabling you to be more profound and impressive, enabling shoppers to have a wonderful time shopping.

  • Promote brand awareness and earn the trust of the audience by placing logos and appealing slogans and mottos.
  • Allow several of the products bought from your store to be in a single ad, thus providing customers with an overall view of your store.
  • Lead them to your Amazon Brand Store, a separate tab that will let you give more details about your brand and products.


  • A highly visible banner congruent with your Brand Store and including your brand logo and call-to-action slogans.
  • Display a list of recommended products out of all products as a part of the filtering results or within a particular product’s page.
  • Develop bright videos that can attract attention and explain your brand’s message in a manner of an eye-catching video advertisement.
  • Sponsored brands can only be observed if the owner is enrolled in Amazon Brand Registry, which is an identification program that proves that a brand belongs to you.

Sponsored Display

This Sponsored Display ads do not lie strictly within the search results or product page listing category. These flexible advertisements can be placed on the product page of related products, and the customers’ history visited page, and even on other sites. Here’s how Sponsored Display helps you expand your reach:

  • Target customers who have had prior interest in your products or in similar products that you stock in your store.
  • Use cookies to identify Target consumers by their past activity and recommended searches other than those looking for your store’s category.
  • Ensure that you place your ads outside the SEA, so they appear on other places with high traffic, thus directing the users to your products’ page.
  • This element takes an appropriate approach that ensures the strategy is put in place to meet the intended goals.

Thus, the Sponsor Ads option that will be suitable for you will depend on your ad marketing objectives. Here’s a quick guide:

First, let’s start with Sponsored Products to advertise relevant keywords and lead the customers to your product detail pages. Use Sponsored Brands to advertise your brand and to share information about your brand. Use Sponsored Display to regain the attention of visitors to your property and to find new customers.

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Best Practices for Each Ad Type

Create eye-catching visuals, use clear and concise messaging, target the right audience, test different versions, monitor performance, and optimize based on data. 

Sponsored Products

  • Your product listings should have quality images, an impressive description, and affordable pricing to increase the chances of people making a purchase.
  • Always ensure that the frequently used keywords meet the criteria of being highly searched and competitive keywords.
  • No one tells you it is easy to balance the amount of traffic or impressions you want to attract, and the amount of money that you want to spend – this is where bids come into play.

Sponsored Brands

  • Choose proper and proper images and videos that will draw the attention of the viewers while identifying your brand.
  • advertisement targeting can be refined to reach the population most likely to be interested in shopping for the products.
  • Some of the measurable levels include the number of impressions and click through rates, and the engagement of the brand.
  • Sponsored Display

Sponsored Display

  • Remind the site visitors and people who watched your product to stick to your brand and products.
  • Being able to target those customers who are browsing through items similar to yours are a good way to enhance the probability of a sale.
  • Use the audience definition tools on Amazon to know your target viewers better and make modifications in your targeting ways.

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Strategies for Sponsored Ads

Although this guide has explained the basics of each of the Sponsored Ads type, there are many tricks that one can learn about each type. Here are a few examples:

Dynamic Product Ads

Despite being automated Sponsored Product ads, they use your product feed to develop product carousel ad formats and show them to buyers who are interested in similar products.

Negative Targeting

Specify the campaign to exclude the unnecessary searched keywords, products or placement thus making the ad reach the most proper audience.

Headline Optimization

Sponsored Brand ad headlines need to be catchy, correctly represent the brand and persuade the audience into clicking more.

Thus, with the help of these sophisticated methods, you can enhance your Sponsored Ads campaigns and achieve the highest revenues.

Tracking and Analyzing Your Campaigns

This stands as the major strength of Sponsored Ads, that it is a fully measurable form of advertising. Account management and specific campaign analytics on Amazon Advertising are the strengths where knowledge, data, and results merge. Here’s what to focus on:

  • The extent to which your ads can be put across or featured.
  • The total measure of conversion or the number of times consumers click on your ad.
  • The quantity of sales that a click results in.
  • The total money that you spend every time a person clicks on your ad.
  • An important ratio that calculates the amount of revenue you obtain for your advertisement expenditure.

With the help of this setting, you can find out how you can improve specific aspects, adjust the targeting settings and make necessary changes to the bid amounts so that your ad spend would begin to work most efficiently.

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About sponsored products, sponsored brand and sponsored display, they are a great tool for selling agents on Amazon to target the specific group of consumers and realize the advertising objectives. Therefore, knowing the functionalities and the advantages of each, makes it easier to develop an advertising strategy that could improve the sale, create more awareness of the brand and sales on Amazon. Remember, experimentation is key! Though, do not hesitate to experiment on various strategies to know the best ways of using Sponsored Ads for the brand.


What’s the difference between Sponsored Products and Sponsored Brands?

Sponsored Products’ primary aim is to advertise specific merchandise in the search results and shop section, while Sponsored Brands allow you to feature all your merchandise with useful ad units such as Store Spotlight and Product Collection templates.

When should I use Sponsored Display ads?

Sponsored Products are specifically beneficial for those who want to target the visitors of the site who have previously viewed some of the parts of the website, targeting people interested in specific types of products as well as for people who need results beyond the headlines of Amazon.

What is AmzSparks and what do they do?

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