In-House vs. Outsourced Amazon PPC: Which Yields Better Results?

Amazon PPC advertising is a strong weapon which provides sellers a tough competition, more sales and optimum exposure of the product. Yet, for managing PPC campaigns it is necessary to have some promises, skills and constant improvement. This may raise the question: Is it possible and recommended to manage the Amazon PPC campaign in-house, or is it better to address it to a professional agency? Let’s get started and have a look at both.

In-House Amazon PPC

The aspects of Amazon PPC are some of the most crucial areas regarding advertisement campaigns, which, as a result, require your in-house team to oversee your Amazon PPC Management. This includes duties such as:

  • Researching and selecting keywords
  • Writing advertisements and making changes to them to increase their performance.
  • Development of bidding strategies
  • Accounting for the campaigns and tracking expenses.

Outsourced Amazon PPC

Outsourcing Amazon PPC means you delegate the advertising campaigns to a separate agency to manage it for you. Amazon PPC Management Services provide an exclusive team of consultants having considerable experience in advertising within Amazon and the most efficient approaches.

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Different Factors Between In-House and Outsourced Amazon PPC

FactorIn-House Amazon PPCOutsourced Amazon PPC
ExpertiseNecessitates that your team develops and upholds expertise in Amazon PPC’s top practices and platform characteristics.Utilizes the agency’s current knowledge in Amazon advertising, reducing the need for your time and energy.
Time CommitmentRequires a substantial amount of time from your team for continuous management and improvement of the campaign.Allows your internal team to concentrate on essential business operations.
CostNo initial charges from the agency, but there is a need to invest in training for employees and possibly specialized PPC tools.Requires payment of agency fees, but removes the necessity for in-house training and equipment.
ControlYou possess full authority when it comes to making decisions about campaigns, distributing budgets, and determining the direction of strategy.Yields some authority to the agency, but trustworthy agencies uphold transparent communication and deliver periodic performance updates.
ScalabilityMaking campaigns larger or smaller might necessitate more internal resources or training.Agencies have the capability to adjust the size of your campaigns according to your requirements thanks to their established infrastructure and staff.
Product KnowledgeYour team probably has extensive product knowledge, enabling targeted campaigns.Clear communication is necessary to make sure the agency comprehends the intricacies of your brand and product for successful campaign creation.
Learning CurveNecessitates continuous education and remaining current on the most recent Amazon advertising capabilities and optimal methods.Agencies keep up to date with Amazon PPC trends and platform updates to make sure your campaigns utilize the most recent strategies.

Pros and Cons of Outsourcing Amazon PPC


Agencies have a great deal of know-how and successful strategies, increasing the overall ROI due to professional campaign devising.

Your in-house team is relieved from specific marketing tasks so that they focus on other crucial business processes leading to increased efficiency. Various agencies can also afford to use enhanced gadgets and facilities in investigating any case.

Researching keywords, analyzing competitors, and utilizing advanced techniques to optimize campaigns. Such aspects can be easily adjusted by agencies depending on your needs and fluctuations in budget concerning the scale of your campaigns.


Challenges that small business organizations with limited budgets are likely to experience include, More often, these firms look for cheap methods to get solutions to their problems, thereby considering the cost of hiring the agency as a challenge.

This is because even as an insider you lose some control over campaign decisions and the day to day running of the campaigns. However, different trustworthy organizations cooperate and provide reports on performance to avoid manipulation.

Communication is vital in ensuring the agency understands your brand tone, the details regarding your product and objectives of the campaign.

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Pros and Cons of In-House Amazon PPC Project Handling


Your team knows your products pretty well so they can create precise campaigns.

Target is the accomplishment of getting in touch with your ideal customers and bringing focus on the features of the product that stand out.

It empowers you to be fully in charge of campaign management, its specific costs and the overall strategy, allowing for quicker changes based on your company’s data.

It allows for the ability to change the campaigns anytime, in response to new trends in the market or introduction of new products, thus the possibility of real time optimization based on internal data and market trends.


Proper PPC requires the consistent effort of a large amount of time from the people that are managing it. Managing and particularly optimizing the campaigns may cause strain of available internal resources.

Gaining mastery in PPC entails a learning process that goes on for sometime. For example, it can be challenging to be an active team member and know all the existing features that the Amazon advertising option includes and the best practices to use in the region.

The limitation of employees and potential absence of some essential programs might be an issue for tiny teams when it comes to applying complicated PPC strategies, affecting the success of the campaigns.

Commonly Outsourced Services

The use of outsourcing is growing in the business world. Businesses turn to external Amazon Marketing Service Agencies or individuals to manage particular tasks. Here are some of the services that are mostly sourced out:

  • Companies can offer around-the-clock customer support at a possibly reduced cost by outsourcing call centers.
  • Amazon PPC Specialists are frequently hired to manage social media, SEO, and PPC advertising for better campaign results.
  • Outsourcing financial record management can guarantee precision and release internal resources for essential business operations.
  • Outsourcing tasks such as payroll processing, attraction, and benefits administration to HR specialists can help streamline processes.
  • Content marketing is essential, leading companies to frequently hire external assistance for tasks like content writing, graphic design, and video editing to create the best content.
  • Outsourcing complex software application development to specialized developers can save money on development expenses.
  • Outsourcing large amounts of data entry or processing tasks allows for perfection and gives internal staff more time for planned work.
  • Virtual assistants are capable of managing tasks such as booking appointments, handling email consistency, and inputting data, ultimately making good overall efficiency of an office.

This list is not complete, and if a company should outsource or not depends on its individual needs and skills.

Choosing the Right Option: In-House vs. Outsourced Amazon PPC

Choosing whether to perform activities internally or externally is based on the strategy of which approach is the most suitable for a business organization. Here is the detailed comparison to help you in your evaluation of the decision.

Choose In-House PPC if

  • You have a team member who is really committed and really knows a lot about taking Pay-Per-Click and Amazon as a platform.
  • You are in a restricted budget range and they are more concerned with upfront agency charges.
  • Full control over the campaign decisions and daily management activities are the priorities of yours.
  • Your niche of products is complex and requires unique promotions owing to detailed product knowledge.

Consider Outsourcing PPC if

  • You do not have the necessary internal knowledge or capabilities to effectively handle PPC.
  • Your team is very busy, so it is essential to allocate their time to important business tasks.
  • You want to employ sophisticated strategies and high-tech tools, which are available in a competent agency only.
  • You require scalability to be able to change the campaigns to fit a certain market change or a new product.

Thus, what is considered ‘better’ is relative depending on the presented options and situation at hand. It’s always advisable to talk to Best Amazon PPC Management Agency who can enlighten you more on their strategy and the costing. This can help you to make comparisons between such possible benefits of outsourcing and investment. Remember, that a reliable agency will not be secretive and collaborate with you to get you to your objectives.

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What are the advantages of using AmzSparks for my Amazon PPC outsourcing?

By working with AmzSparks, you can take advantage of our group of Amazon PPC experts, who can use their knowledge and modern tools to maximize the performance of your campaigns. Additionally, we can help you save a ton of time and money so that your staff may concentrate on other essential elements of the business.

How can I decide if to outsource or manage my Amazon PPC account internally?

The best approach is chosen by your unique needs and available resources. Think about things like your desired amount of control, team experience, expertise, time and budget. 

What should I look for in an Amazon PPC agency?

Look for agencies with a proven track record in Amazon PPC management. Ensure they communicate transparently and provide regular performance updates. Discuss their strategies, tools, and how they plan to align with your business goals.

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